About Chantelle Louis


Born and raised in the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada, Chantelle accredits her desire to become a fashion designer from the time when she was a young girl playing with dolls - and wishing her dolls' clothes came in wearable sizes. 

At the time, Chantelle’s television set received just 3 channels; one of those channels aired the show “Fashion File,” which became Chantelle’s first real taste of fashion. Ultimately,  Alexander McQueen became her biggest influence.

Chantelle moved to Toronto to continue to hone her passion for fashion and to develop her fashion style. With her "Prairie" roots, and with a background in geology, Chantelle's designs evolved from these influential elements into the production of some truly tantalizing dresses.

Chantelle has been commissioned to create designs for a diverse group of individuals; from celebrity stylists to high-profile individuals, all looking for her unique style. Chantelle tackles each project with the utmost dedication and eagerness to provide an honest creation above and beyond the clients' expectations.

Her work has been featured around the globe in displays at various high-profile events. Some of those events included:  The Genesis Awards, The Emmy Awards Style Lounge, Bell Celebrity Gala, and The Book Lover’s Ball. Last year, at the 2008 Little Black Dress Event in Hollywood CA, Chantelle impressed standing room only crowds - from celebrities to fashion editors. Some of the praise that Chantelle received included:

“Chantelle shows excellent performances not only in her talents as a designer, but as an intellectual lady with a high level of morals and values. Her work ethic, motivation and creative genius will have a significant contribution to the fashion industry."

“Chantelle's designs immediately stand out from others. It’s not only the beauty of her couture dresses, but watching her interaction, enthusiasm, and excitement as she speaks to individuals about her creations. You can see from the expressions of those that she spoke with, her attention to detail and fashion knowledge, was very apparent.”

Chantelle has set out to bring public attention to the scientific world more specifically that of space exploration to the youth of today in hopes of a better world in the future. She uses the elements of space in her fashion to create public excitement and interest in space exploration.

Chantelle is a member of both the International Space Convention and The California Chapter of the National Space Society. She is involved in the decision making process on future space projects.

Chantelle resides in Los Angeles now and is working on her collection for fall 2010.